Extreme Greeks

Where are all the old pictures?

All of the pictures from past years are still available at http://www.photos.extremegreeks.com. We’re in the process of moving everything over, so all old pictures will soon become available here.

Why do I have to register?

Long story short, it helps us keep these pictures private. By requiring a login, we can prevent search engines from indexing the pictures, which keeps the pictures of your beautiful faces from being spread across the internet.

Why do you need my phone number and email address?

We won’t spam your inbox, we promise. The simple answer is that we get a ton of lost and found items after our events. Sometimes people claim these items, but most of the time they don’t, and we end up collecting a lot of lost IDs, phones, and purses. By having you register, we have your contact information to help return any potential lost items.

Can I still order prints of pictures?

Only pictures from last school year. In the past, we used a service that would handle all of our photo processing and printing. This cost us money, and the markup from those services prevented us from offering our customers affordable rates. We’re no longer using these services, and are now allowing you to download our photos for free. You save money, we save money, everyone’s happy!

I can really download the pictures for free?

YES! When viewing pictures, there’s an icon that looks like an arrow pointing down. Click on this icon to download the picture. Our watermark will still be attached to the picture, however. We kindly ask that you keep this watermark on the pictures in return for free downloads. Or if you’re good enough at Photoshop to get rid of it, give us a call, we probably have a job for you.

Can I remove a picture?

Yes. At the bottom of the picture there’s an icon that looks like the letter i. This will show the filename of the picture. Send us an email at photos@extremegreeks.com with the name of the album, and the filename of the picture to be removed, and we’ll take it right down.

If you experience any trouble with the pictures, please send us an email at webmaster@extremegreeks.com.